Ns.55 West.Norayngjin RESTAURANT.

Completed. 2017

Location : METRO HOTEL, 9street, myeongdong, junggu, Seoul.

Area : 214m2

Design Period : 2016.05.04 ~ 2016.09.10 (4month)

Construction Period : 2016.9.05 ~ 2017.11.15 (2month)

Grand Open : 2014.11.20

Program : Japanese Restaurant

Finished : Exposed Old Tile, Gold barrisol.

Design : Natural Sequence Architects.

Construction : Natural Sequence Inc.

Art Director : CHOIJUNGHWA

Branding Creator : chajae(studio-mmer)

1952's Old Soil block Wall
Metal Mesh, Lighting, Soil Block Walll
Lighting Partition of vaious Plastic bottle, CHOIJEONGHWA
Glod Stretched Ceiling(Barriosol)
Old Exposed Con'c Ceiling
Porcelain Tile Finished Floor
Stone figures and Floor Lighting under stair

25,Seongmisanro 11gil, Mapogu, Seoul, Korea

Tel.02.6225.4256 / Fax.02.6225.4257

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